Friday, April 16, 2010


I absolutely adore flexi rods. I only started using them about 6 months ago, but I will never turn back. They are my go-to hair tool. I love how they can really save a bad hair day. I love their simplicity.

I've been using small ones, but decided to order some large ones on eBay. They arrived in exactly 2 weeks, from China to Canada. Not bad! They're 2 cm in diameter. Can't wait to try them this weekend!

It's been a while...

.. since I last did a braidout. My scalp was itching the other night, so I was dying to wash my hair. I get home from work at 9pm, so it's really not a time where I want to start doing anything time-consuming to my hair, like rollersetting. I do stay up extremely late, but I mean, that is prime TV time, so sitting under a dryer doesn't cut it ;)

I washed with Head & Shoulders Refresh, conditioned with Aussie Moist, and applied Herbal Essences LTR once out of the shower. I airdried for an hour or so, then braided my hair into two, and went to bed. My hair was still pretty wet in the morning, so I blowdried it on 'warm', then took out the braids.

I am in desperate need of a new camera. Sorry for the crappy webcam pics :(

Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Attempt: Fishtail Braid

Last night while doing my blog rounds, I came across this post at The Anti-Hair Slave about fishtail braids. This particular style of braiding has always intrigued me, from the time I was a child (many of the little Chinese girls at my elementary school wore them). Obviously, that was WAY back in the day, ages before we even fathomed the idea of YouTube. Until last night, I had forgotten about them.

I took to YouTube to look for tutorials. This one was extremely helpful:

I washed my hair on Monday, but was already starting to look pretty limp (guess I've been going hard on the argan oil LOL). I couldn't possibly wear my hair down, so I decided I'd do the fishtail braid for work today.

I'm satisfied with the result considering it was my first time. Practice makes perfect, and I will definitely be trying this style again soon!