Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Close to 16 weeks...

I'm currently 15 weeks and 4 days post-relaxer, and it has been going really well! I had a gala to go to for work on Friday, for which I flat ironed my hair. I was disappointed in myself because I was extremely pressed for time, and had to wash, dry, flat iron my hair AND get dressed within about 2.5 hours. I was basically forced to blowdry it. I have a really old blowdryer that is NOT ionic, so it really pained me to use it. I used some CHI Silk Infusion and Dove Heat Protectant to minimize the damage. In the days after the gala, I "searched and destroyed" my split ends.

I can see some noticeable growth in my hair since my last post. It seems that I've officially reached BSL. My goal was MBL, but I think I might increase that to waist length. I am not a huge fan of WL for myself while STRAIGHT, but I'd like to have a curly-ish roller set that will be about MBL.

I've been mostly wearing my hair in braidouts to help me through this stretch. I follow my usual wash day routine, perhaps with a few more protein treatments than when I have less new growth. I've become lazy and just do them in the shower. I've also been somewhat lazy with my moisturizing deep conditioning, but have been co-washing more than usual. I'm finishing up some Hello Hydration I've had lingering around, and I bought some Aussie Moist yesterday from Walmart. Tonight I used some Aphogee ProVitamin Leave-In after my wash and moisturizing deep conditioning session. My hair is currently airdrying with some coconut oil. I'll wait until bedtime to braid it in 4 plaits.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Flexirods on the way...

My mom shaved her Jheri Curl off about 10 years ago (or more). Since then, she's been wearing her hair in twists. Needless to say, she is finally bored wearing that style constantly.

We have been checking out flexirods for a while now, but they seem expensive/overpriced. I decided to take to eBay, and I ordered a pack of 30 for $10 USD, including shipping! They're on their way from Hong Kong.

Though I ordered them to try them on my mom, I'll definitely try them on myself.

Friday, September 18, 2009

14 weeks and counting

I had my last relaxer June 12th, so today I've reached the 14 week mark. Last time I stretched 16. It's true that this stretching thing gets easier and easier with experience. I was never one to relax at less than 10 weeks though, and I thank my hairdresser for that. Not only because she recommends coming every 8-10 weeks, but because I dread going there, so I always try to stretch as long as I can (To make a long story short, I never leave there before at least 3.5 hours have passed..).

I haven't been doing anything special with my hair. I've been pretty lazy actually. I haven't deep conditioned in about 2 weeks, and haven't done any protein treatments in a while either. I've been prepooing with coconut oil, washing with Head and Shoulders, then conditioning with Aussie Moist. Once out of the shower, I spray on some Aphogee ProVitamin Leave-In to make up for skipping the CPR, apply some NTM Leave-In Cream, and seal with coconut oil. Then I put my hair into 3-4 plaits and sit under the dryer for about half an hour. I do this before bed, then let my hair airdry overnight. In the morning, it's still a little bit damp, but that's fine.

I don't have any particular goal when it comes to stretching, in terms of weeks. I will set my relaxer appointment if I start to have breakage or if any other issues arise.