Saturday, May 30, 2009

Me Against my New Growth

I'm currently 10 weeks post-relaxer. My hairdresser gets so upset when I stretch my relaxers more than 10 weeks, so she's expecting me. Well, too bad for her ;) I'm still able to manage my new growth at this point, by only combing my hair on wash day and if I cowash in between. I've been doing light protein treatments using Motions CPR as well as sometimes spraying some Aphogee Leave-In during the week. They have reduced breakage tremendously!

My last touch-up was after a 14-week stretch. My hairdresser was definitely giving me some cut-eye in the mirror. She does a great job and will continue going to her, but I will not give in to her peer pressure to relax more often. I have to continue doing what's best for my hair and scalp.

Current Regimen

Sunday - Wash Day
  1. Pre-poo using either a mix of coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil, or Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner mixed with coconut oil and olive oil.
  2. Wash using Tea Tree Oil Shampoo [For the time being only. I'm testing it out to see if it'll help with my flaking scalp :( ]
  3. Condition using Aussie Moist.
  4. Gently squeeze out water from hair, but do not towel dry.
  5. Apply Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave-In Conditioner.
  6. Seal with a bit of coconut oil.
  7. Airdry for the rest of the day.
If I am going to do a braid out, I will braid my hair into four plaits once my hair is about 80% dry. If I am going to flat iron, I let it dry 100%.

In attempts not to become a product junkie, I have yet to choose a permanent moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Any suggestions?

A quick history

I've been wanting to start a Hair Blog for a while now, but was admittedly too lazy and unknowledgeable. Anyway, I've finally made the decision to start documenting my hair care journey.. or shall I say struggle.

My 2009 New Year's Resolution was to take better care of my hair.

It all started in late 2007, when I was really sick of wearing my hair in a bun all the time. I have relaxed 4a [?] hair, and wanted to start enjoying it by wearing it down. I thought a flat iron would be the answer to my worries.

Looking back, I knew very little about haircare. I would wash, blowdry and flat iron my hair once a week. I would often pass the flat iron over my ends daily. I often slept without a silk/satin bonnet. I always had long hair, and never really considered that I would suffer any damage to it. Obviously, I took it for granted.

By the end of 2008, I noticed a significant change (for the worst) in my hair. Almost every time I went for a touch-up, my hairdresser wanted to give me a trim. She's somewhat scissor-happy, but she was right - my ends were damaged.

Anyway, enough blabbing about the past; it's time to focus on the future!