Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kim Kardashian's Middle French Braid

Here are some pics of a really cute hairdo Kim Kardashian wore yesterday. It seems simple enough to do, and is really cute! I might try that for work tomorrow. If I do, I'll definitely take some pics. Until then, enjoy :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

American Apparel Nail Lacquer

Lately, I've been trying to make sure my nails look presentable at pretty much all times. Whether I have on clear, french manicure, or hot pink, it doesn't matter, as long as they're done.

Last week, I was in the mood to buy some light pastel colours. I browsed around the pharmacy and Sephora, and didn't see anything I was crazy about. Before leaving the mall, I decided to check out American Apparel. I ended up buying three polishes, not because I needed three, but because they were 3 for $18CAD, whereas one was $7.50.

I bought: L'esprit (pale lavender), California Trooper (light beige), and Office (pastel mint green).

Right now I have on L'esprit. I've never had purple nails before, so it'll take a little bit of getting used to! I've also worn my California Trooper, and I must say, I love these polishes. They went on nice and smoothly, and only one coat is needed to get a nice thick finish. I'm excited to go back and get some more colours. A few that I'd love to try are Rose Bowl, Coney Island, and Malibu Green.

What nail polish brand and colours do you like???

You can check out the colours here.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Breaking All The Rules

I have been neglecting my blog, and not intentionally. The truth is, I've been pretty much breaking all the "hair rules". I felt bad having fallen off the hair care wagon. I have been using heat on my hair on a regular basis, not moisturizing daily, not deep conditioning... I haven't  had the patience to do everything that I used to do. It doesn't appear to have been detrimental to my hair yet. I really hope I'm not speaking too soon! Anyway, it wasn't a regimen I wanted to "promote". It's been working for me so far. It's also been saving me a lot of time.We all have to do what works for us, and for me, my current regimen is working out alright :)

My regimen the past few weeks has been as follows:

  • Wash hair every 5-7 days with Live Clean Fresh Water Shampoo
  • Condition in the shower with Skala G3 Ceramide Deep Conditioner
  • Squeeze excess water from hair
  • Detangle with Africa's Best Kids' Organics Olive Oil & Shea butter detangler
  • Put One N Only Argan Oil Treatment throughout my hair
  • Blowdry on warm, using the "tension method"
  • Flat iron in large sections
The flat ironing in large sections was inspired by NinaPruitt in her most recently flat ironing tutorial. It definitely seems way less damaging than going over tiny sections with a hot iron. It is definitely less time-consuming, which is a big plus for me. I also love the body I have when using this method.

Another small change I've made in my regimen is using the One N Only Argan Oil on wet hair before blowdrying. It has really helped my hair to dry way smoother, and my hair hasn't been matting up as it used to (I have one section that mattes up in particular from when I attempted to self-relax).

I've also been greasing my scalp with Hollywood Beauty Sulfur. My scalp tends to get itchy and this grease really alleviates that. 

At night, I've been sleeping with 3-4 flexirods to add some bounce for the next day. I do so nightly, and sleep with my satin bonnet.

I hope to update more often. I still don't have a digital camera (mine broke a few months back), but I do have a phone now that takes decent pictures. Here are some pictures that I took during my wash and dry session today.

Last relaxer June 11, 2010
Drying in sections