Saturday, May 30, 2009

Me Against my New Growth

I'm currently 10 weeks post-relaxer. My hairdresser gets so upset when I stretch my relaxers more than 10 weeks, so she's expecting me. Well, too bad for her ;) I'm still able to manage my new growth at this point, by only combing my hair on wash day and if I cowash in between. I've been doing light protein treatments using Motions CPR as well as sometimes spraying some Aphogee Leave-In during the week. They have reduced breakage tremendously!

My last touch-up was after a 14-week stretch. My hairdresser was definitely giving me some cut-eye in the mirror. She does a great job and will continue going to her, but I will not give in to her peer pressure to relax more often. I have to continue doing what's best for my hair and scalp.

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