Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hope it was a lemon...

I called the BSS regarding my hooded dryer that suddenly stopped working about a month after I purchased it. I could tell that the girl who served me that day (who wasn't very helpful) was the one who answered the phone, but I asked for the manager/owner. He wasn't there. I called again the next day, and he still wasn't in, so she asked me if she could be of assistance. I explained the situation to her and she said she would have to have the manager call me back with a resolution.

He returned my call the following day. He said I could come and exchange it. I asked him to make sure whichever employee would be there the following evening would already be advised of the situation so that there wouldn't be any confusion.

I went there the next evening with my mom, and lo and behold, the two girls who were there (including the one I had spoken to over the phone) were not aware that I'd be coming in for an exchange. They had to call the manager to find out what to do. Since I no longer had the box, I could only exchange it (for the same dryer) and not get a store credit.

Anyway, hopefully it was just a lemon. I still can't shake the idea and expectation that this new one won't last very long...

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