Sunday, June 13, 2010

Relaxed by a New Stylist

Haven't posted in a really long time. I've been really tired with working the evening shift...

I relaxed my hair on Friday. I've given up on self-relaxing for the moment. I made the mistake of trying a new stylist. I wanted a change from the woman I've been going to since I was 14, because she doesn't respect her clients' time, and doesn't accept my decision to stretch my relaxers.

Everything started out well on Friday, except for the fact that the stylist was half-an-hour late. He didn't have anything negative to say about the amount of new growth that I had. He relaxed with Mizani ButterBlends. He washed my hair about three times with neutralizing shampoo, and let it sit on my hair for about 10 minutes.

The mistake that was made, and I partially blame myself for it, is that he wrapped my hair up in a towel and let it sit for a few minutes. By the time he took it down, my hair was an absolutely knotty mess. I have never, never in my life seen my hair have that many tangles. And he started to blow dry it with a comb attachment. I kindly asked him for a comb so that I could detangle it myself. I lost of lot of hair, and I was really upset about that (had tears in my eyes even). He finished blowdrying it, then pressed it.

I'm not a fan of myself with flat, limp, straight hair. I washed it today, and I am currently under the dryer with a ponytail rollerset.

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  1. Sorry you experienced tangles and some hair loss!!!! :( I'm a big baby, I would have cried - shed hairs when I wash make me cringe alone.