Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A New Toy On The Way

My beloved Rusk flat iron broke a few weeks ago. I'm not even sure what happened. It seems like a piece is missing from the hinge, and it only closes if I press extremely hard. Inevitably, I ended up burning myself. I've been wearing braidouts lately, so I've only really needed it for my bangs, but even at that, it's still frustrating.

After doing some [light] research, I decided to order a FHI Platform from eBay. I bought it on August 2nd, and I finally got the notification that it was ready for pickup at the local post office :D I wanted to go pick it up today, but apparently it will only be ready tomorrow for pickup. Going there straight after work!

I have promised myself to only let flat ironing be a special treat (for me, not my hair). I'm really hooked on the voluminous look of a rollerset, so that will definitely make it easier to resist the urge to flat iron my hair.

One thing I'll want to try is curling my hair with this flat iron. I've seen so many demonstration videos on YouTube, but my Rusk flat iron wasn't conducive to that. Surely the FHI will though, and I'm really curious to see if I'll be able to finally do it.

Here's an example:

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