Monday, November 9, 2009

3-Month Comparison

Here is the first comparison shot I've done since starting my HHJ. For three months of progress, I must say I am pretty satisfied with it. I really believe stretching my relaxer for 20 weeks made a huge difference. It seems to be 1.5-2" of growth, and considering i trimmed about half an inch off, I'd say it's pretty good. I wish I could start protective styling. I'm sure that would make a difference as well. But I am enjoying wearing my hair out, and for now, that's more important to me. Perhaps I should at least put in the effort to hide my hair during the winter. Maybe I'll start my own personal challenge.

1 comment:

  1. you've made great progress! I wish I could stretch for 20 weeks, but around week 7 my new growth gets so thick and around 12 I cave. Being tender-headed I just can't deal with it the thickness and detangling. Stretching def. goes well with you! :)