Friday, November 6, 2009

Review: Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo

Maker's Description: Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner is an exclusive blend of organic coconut milk to nourish your hair, while ultra whipped egg white proteins add strength and elasticity, along with weightless coconut oils to add hydration and balance. The luxuriously creamy, foaming, hydrating formula leaves your hair feeling clean, glowing, softly scented and super soft.

Since the beginning of my HHJ, I've wanted to try this shampoo. There's a lot of talk about sulfates, and the drying effect they can have on your hair. I am not one to believe all the hype, but I admit that I have always been curious what difference cutting them out from my shampoo would have. I bought this at Walmart for $6.99. It's somewhat pricey, but I decided to fork out the cash, since I would end up wasting it away on fast food here and there anyway.

I relaxed my hair last Friday after a 20-week stretch. I personally hate how I look with freshly relaxed hair (flat), so I was excited to wash it. I washed on Sunday using this shampoo. It lathered nicely and smelled heavenly. My hair has felt really shiny and healthy this week. After the wash, I did a light protein DC with Motions CPR and roller set using Aphogee ProVitamin Leave-in, coconut oil and CHI Silk Infusion. I cross-wrapped my hair every night.

Usually by now my scalp would feet itchy, but so far I'm good. The only thing that was different this week was the shampoo that I used. Ironically, I usually use Head and Shoulders. Perhaps that shampoo was too drying, making my scalp more flaky and itchy?

All that being said, I will be using Organix consistently until the bottle is done, to see if these results will be consistent.

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