Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hairdresser's Appointment

So my relaxer appointment is set for tomorrow. Before my last relaxer, I had decided that I'd attempt to stretch as long as possible. I lasted 14 weeks. It's now been 12 weeks and it feels like I was just at the salon yesterday! Anyway, the only reason I ended my stretch is because I have a wedding reception to go to next Saturday and I need to look fresh.

My hair is also in desperate need of a trim. I HATE getting my hair trimmed, but I have to admit that my ends are looking extremely "scraggly". I hate the feeling of cutting away the same amount of growth during this stretch, but I guess I prefer to have a fully healthy head of hair.


  1. I absolutely HAAAAATTTEEEEE getting my hair trimmed!!! I'm in desperate need of one now but I keep pushing the thought away. Health over length.

  2. Hey! I just moved to Montreal and I'm looking for a stylist, your hair is GORGEOUS by the way! where do you go to get yo hair done?

  3. Salon Diane B. on Sherbrooke St. W is where I had been going for years. She's good, but loves to trim. I stopped going though because she does not take it well if you are a stretcher, and she is ALWAYS running late in her appointments. If you are going for a relaxer, be prepared to be in the salon for four hours. Now I am into a 6 month stretch.. not sure when and if I will be relaxing, partly because it's so hard to find a good stylist.