Friday, January 29, 2010

Flexirod Sets on Dry Hair

My new love! So much less time consuming than doing it on wet hair. I either airdry or dry loose under the dryer, than put in the flexirods before bed. It's also a great style to do on flat ironed hair that's starting to look a little limp after a few days; it really revives it!

Here are some pics of a side ponytail style I wore to work yesterday:


  1. That's a pretty style. I'm going to try it next time I straighten my hair. What size flexirods did you use?

  2. That side ponytail is Fabulous! I'mma need to get some more flexi rods.

  3. YOU DO, ASAP! What size do you have? I really wish I knew about these things years ago. I'm addicted to them.

  4. Hey where did you buy your flexi rods in Montreal please ?

    Here's a link to my facebook group :

    Thank you in advance !


  5. Hi Viola :)

    eBay! if you search for 'bendy rollers', you'll find a ton of cheap ones from hong kong (usually $5 INCLUDING SHIPPING!)

    i usually order from "beautygirl-cn"