Saturday, January 9, 2010

Maintaining Flat Ironed Hair

I enjoyed my flat ironed hair a lot this week. Since my ends are somewhat uneven right now, I didn't feel comfortable wearing it stick straight to work. I added a few flexi rods at the ends only to give it a slight wave. I only put them in a couple of hours before I left for work, so the wave was very slight.

For the next day, I decided to put the flexi rods on my ends right before bed. I moisturized my ends with a bit of Herbal Essences LTR, followed by a touch of CHI Silk Infusion. Here are the results:

The next night, I rolled all the way to the top, to give it a fully curly look. I've realized how much I love adding flexi rods to dry hair. They really form nice curls, that look more soft and natural, as opposed to stiff and forced.

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