Sunday, January 24, 2010

Transitioning to.. Texlaxed!

I've been on my healthy hair journey for a year now. My original goal was to reach MBL, which seemed so long to me. But I've now decided I'd like to reach WL, then eventually hip length if possible. I like to wear my hair in braidouts and flexi rod sets, for the most part, and I would like those to reach MBL, hence needing my hair to be around hip length stretched.

Lately, as my relaxer day approaches, I've been considering going natural. This week I've been especially torn, because I feel under pressure to make a decision, because it would soon be time to relax. I thought about my reasons for considering transitioning to natural:

1. Hating going to my stylist to have my hair relaxed due to poor salon management
2. Scalp health (I often get relaxer burns)
3. Liking "big hair"
4. Embracing what I was given naturally

After much thought, I've decided I am not ready to be natural. I'm scared that after all the work and mini-chops I'll have to do while transitioning, I'll end up not liking it, and kicking myself for having cut off my relaxed hair's progress.

What I have decided to do is self-texlax. That way, I can keep most of my hair's natural texture, and still have the flexibility of straightening it quite easily. I'll save money by not having to go to the salon. I'll be quite relieved not to have to visit my stylist anymore. She is very pro bone-straight relaxer, and I don't imagine her supporting my decision to texlax instead. Where I live, it's not as simple as just switching stylists. Good Black stylists are very few and far between around here. I've been going to my current stylist since I was 14, and can't imagine putting my hair into anyone else's hands. I've read way too many horror stories.

I've been doing tons of research on self-relaxing. Today I practiced "relaxing" with deep conditioner, to test how long it'd take me to apply it. I was done within 10 minutes, which is good. I still have tons of reading and watching videos to do, but I'm motivated.

I'll be doing this next Sunday, at 13 weeks post-relaxer.

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