Friday, January 29, 2010

First Attempt at Self-Texlaxing

I ventured out today in the -35C cold to get the supplies for my first self-texlax.

I bought:
  • ORS Lye Relaxer for Fine-Medium hair
  • Cream of Nature Neutralizing & Conditioning Shampoo
I based my scalp with Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil (basically a hair grease).

I mixed the relaxer with olive oil. I pre-parted my whole head, because I didn't want to worry about parting my hair as I applied the relaxer because my new growth was REALLY thick. I relaxed half of my head, rinsed it, then did the other side. I applied Motions CPR, let that sit for a few minutes, then neutralized.

I was so nervous during this experience. As I was rinsing out the relaxer, I had this fear that my hair was going to start falling in clumps. Thankfully that didn't happen.

What I regret though was not leaving it on longer. Considering that my hair is coarse, the fact that I bought a low-strength relaxer and diluted it, I should have known that I should give it a bit more time to process.

I dried my hair loose under the hooded dryer, then flat ironed. It was still somewhat tough to part the back of my hair (the coarsest area of my hair). I hope I won't need to correct this relaxer.. I'll wash it again after a few days with neutralizing shampoo, but will rollerset, to give the roots some more smoothness.

Hair divided into small sections, to ease relaxer application

Flat ironed hair

"Swang" LOL

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